Research projects

Science in exile, chemical pedagogy and history of science: The work of Modesto Bargalló in México (1939-1981). Research project funded by an Excellence Postdoctoral Research Fellowship of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Government of Mexico and developed at the Department of Educational Research of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (DIE-Cinvestav, Mexico) between October and December 2019. Participation: Postdoctoral Research Fellow. 


Science in classrooms: Pedagogical practices, material culture and the history of science in the work of Modesto Bargalló in Spain (1894-1939). Research project funded by a Juanelo Turriano Foundation Research Fellowship for PhD Dissertations on the History of Science and Technology and developed at the López Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science of the University of València (IHMC-UV, Spain)  between October 2017 and September 2019. Participation: Predoctoral Research Fellow.