History, didactics & communication of chemistry, inter alia

In 1924 science educador and historian of chemistry Modesto Bargalló (1894-1981) wrote that «love is only inspired by what carries a part of our soul, which owes us efforts, wakefulness and even concerns.». Hence, as a chemist, historian of science, science educator and communicator,  I like to say that my efforts, wakefulness and concerns are mostly and passionately focused on the history, didactics and communication of chemistry.


hold a PhD in History of Science and Science Communication (University of València), a PhD in Science Education (Autonomous University of Madrid) and a BSc in Chemistry (Complutense University of Madrid). I am dedicated to doing research, teaching and disseminating, which allows me not to stop learning. 


I teach history of science at the University of València (Spain).  I do research in history and didactics of chemistry at the López Piñero Inter-University Institute (Valencia). I also write in several science dissemination blogs and magazines. I tweet as @luismormz. Moreover, you can find me on ResearchGate and Academia.Edu