Blogs, websites and magazines: 

Blogger at SciLogs Community of the Spanish edition of Scientific American, writting about the uses and treatment of the history of science in science education and science communication.

History and science education website editor (, an University of Valencia Institute for the History of Medicine and Science website about science education in nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Principia Magazine and website editor, writting about science, education and history of science.


Aprender, comprender y hacer ciencia. Palabras e imágenes del siglo XX para las aulas del siglo XXI, an exhibition organized by the Autónoma University of Madrid Library of Education. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Madrid. Novembre, 2017. Curator.

Ciencia de acogida, an exhibition organized by Principia and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Tecnology. CentroCentro, Madrid City Council.  May-Septembre, 2017. Writer.