Luis Moreno-Martínez


Exploring the historical, social and educational kernel of science

About me

Luis Moreno-Martínez was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1989. He was trained as a historian of science (MPhil & PhD Candidate), science educator (PhD & MEd) and chemist (BSc). He is currently Juanelo Turriano Research Fellow and Resident Scholar in History of Science at the Lopez Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science (Spain), where he is working on the history of science education in the early 20th century, studying the biography of Modesto Bargalló (1894-1981). He is also External Associate Researcher in Sciende Education at the Educational Change for Social Justice Research Group of the Autónoma University of Madrid (Spain) and Board member of the Spanish Royal Societies of Physics and Chemistry Didactics and History Group.


My teaching experience has been in the history of science education, the history of chemistry, science education, physics and chemistry in Graduate University courses, reseach seminars, training courses for science teachers, Secondary Education and other courses. I have also been involved in several education and educational innovation projects . 


Ongoing reseach project (supported by the Juanelo Turriano Foundation): Modesto Bargalló (1894-1981): Pedagogical practices, material culture and history of science in classrooms.


Previous research projects: History of chemistry in the Secondary National Curriculum and Chemistry Textbooks in Spain (2007-2016). An overview from science education research and the history of science.


Selected publications: research papers, book chapters, conference papers, editorial, reports, reviews, cultural and science communication magazines.


Selected talks: invited talks, conference presentations and roundtables.


Culture and Society

I have taken part in several cultural and social projects such as websites, magazines and exhibitions on the history of science and education.